Eamonn & Ruth discover How the Other Half Live


Join Ruth and Eamonn on Channel 5 for the next few weeks, as they try out a taste of the high life!

From multi-million pound mansions to the most expensive cars ever designed, the world's multi-millionaires and billionaires have a life most of us can only imagine, with tastes as excessive as their incomes. So, how does this elite group spend its money and if you had their bank balance, what would you do with it? This entertaining, new documentary series will answer those questions and get to the heart of what it means to live with extreme wealth. 

With unprecedented access to this exclusive world, Ruth and Eamonn will see wealth beyond most people’s imagination, and learn that when you’re super rich the extraordinary often becomes very ordinary indeed.  They'll learn why Ibiza is the playground of the rich; they'll fly to Moscow by private jet for a party, try on jewellery worth millions of pounds and drive cars worth even more. Disarmingly affable and hilariously straight talking, they'll open a window into a world most of us can only dream of. But what do they make of it? Would they swap lives and can money ever buy you happiness? Would they like to live surrounded by bodyguards? Should we be envious, or feel sorry for the super wealthy?

"We all wonder sometimes what life would be like if we were really, really rich," says Ruth. "We dream about what we'd buy and how we'd live if money was no object.

If you fantasise about owning a private jet, an enormous house, fast cars and expensive jewellery this is the show for you. What do the SUPER wealthy really spend their millions on and does it make them happy? Eamonn and I can't wait to find out!"

Eamonn continues, "We thought we knew what wealth was - but we had no idea. There is a lot more of it about than you think and the real journey in this series is joining us to watch in awe as to what people spend it on."

Eamonn & Ruth: How the Other Half Live â��comes to Channel 5 on October 27th at 9pm.

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