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1972 – listening to the Jackson 5 on Dad’s stereo with his new high tech headphones. The crimpolene trouser suit was designed and made by my Mum and now you know where Michael Jackson got the idea to wear white socks from!


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  • Well let me be the first to leave a comment for Ruth.
    I can't figure out how you keep so young and beautiful.
    It looks like you kept your lovely atributes that you had as a child right through adulthood and that is why you are so lovely. I saw you on Family Fortunes the other day and I wish I could be as young, beautiful, and sexy as you! You got a configuration that could knock any man's eyes out! Now I know why Emmon is so timmid, for he can only worship you! Just the site of you and I bet you can leave him Speachless!!!!What a Goddess you are! I know that is going through his head and every man about!

    My wife keeps feeding me, so I am glad she still loves me! She is a good cook and I am a good eater, Love at First Bite! x I think she is a Goddess too! xxx

    The only thing I can add is if you want to turn Emmon into a handsome prince, I think he will need more hugs and kissess, lucky guy! Happy Holidays to both and your family.
    John Kenney
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