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The same Bedford van but the view inside. Notice I’ve changed for dinner which I’m obviously making too! Please also note the clever use of chipboard and MDF for the sink unit. My Dad - a man ahead of his time!


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  • Hi Ruth, I love the photos - we're the same age so recognise some of the furnishings and fittings! Also we both went to Grey Coat and we were in the same year,although you were in a different class. It was only when my mum showed me the school photo of you in the Mail supplement that I realised it was you! I vaguely remember you at school in the needlework class! My first ever painting in art class in the Thirds (year seven to everyone else), was of Jennie Penthallow. We had to paint a picture of the person sitting opposite us and it was Jennie.
    I still live in Victoria near the school. Happy days eh!?
  • Ruth we have just bought a a campervan hope we have as much fun as you had ...xvery sauve lol
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