Breast Cancer Care


As most of you know I'm an Ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society, so I don't attend too many events for other charities - I think you need to devote your time and energy to your own - but I made an exception recently for Breast Cancer Care. When the charity contacted me and asked if I would host their fashion show this year I just knew I had to be there.

Held annually at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London it's an incredible event that's grown in size and popularity each year and I was thrilled to have been asked to host it. The main focus of "The Show" is the models - all of them have had breast cancer. They volunteer to model because they want to show people there IS life after breast cancer and that you can learn to love your body again. To see those women and two men (yes, it reminded us all that men get it too) strut their stuff on that catwalk was the most poignant, beautiful and uplifting thing I have seen in a long time. Every time a model stepped onto the stage one of the tables would go crazy - whooping & cheering their loved one on - it made me cry every single time!

It's an incredibly professional show - put together by the team who create London Fashion Week with hair by Vidal Sassoon and makeup by Estee Lauder. All the models looked AMAZING, I almost forgot they weren't professionals! I spoke to a lot of them before the show and they all told me how nervous they were - well you would never have guessed it when they took to the catwalk - sassy, savvy, sexy, sophisticated sirens the lot of them!(even the boys!) As well as the fashion show we were treated to the most delicious afternoon tea and there were lots of wonderful auction and raffle prizes to be won.

The event made me realise that if you don't have your health you really have very little - it made me grateful to have mine. It also made me see how incredibly strong people can be when they are facing the most frightening disease and that with early diagnosis, help, support, friendship and love they can, and DO, survive.

When you see the tickets go on sale next year grab one as quickly as you can - it's fast becoming one of the hottest events in town! I feel very privileged to have been there.




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  • Hi Ruth - I was also one of the models (you were talking to me as my stage fright kicked in). I want to echo Maggie's words, thank you for being so kind, for giving up your time and supporting us. You made afternoon tea very special for everyone there. Thank you x
    Debbie Kinghorn
  • My dear friend Maggie was one of the models. We are so proud of her and the fundraising she has done all through her breast cancer challenge. I am proud to have her in my life and call her my friend.
  • Hi Ruth - I was one of the models at the show....had a fantastic day - we all did! I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful host - you were very sincere and caring and helped make the show run so smoothly. It was also lovely that you spent time chatting with us - Thank you x
    Maggie Hatch
  • This sounds very interesting,would love to go next year with my good friend Julie. Our friend died of breast cancer in 2004 at 43,so this is a charity close to our hearts.
    Helen Beagley
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