My husband's annoying habits ... how long have you got?!


1. Time keeping - or the lack of it! The man will be late for his own funeral. It doesn't matter how much I nag or cajole I can't get him to be on time. We have only shared a car to This Morning ONCE in all the years we've been working together - never again. I told him I'd be leaving at my usual time 6.45 - any later than that the traffic into London is a nightmare. Where was he at 6.45? In the BATH!!!!!!!


2. Remote Man - it's impossible to watch a whole programme uninterrupted with Eamonn because he's constantly channel hopping. He gets hold of that remote control and come hell or high water he hangs on to it! I'll be really enjoying a film but when I get a bit confused with the plot I realise it's because he's switched to another film! 


3. Don't put down - put away! - Why do men find it almost impossible to tidy up? When Eamonn's finished making a sandwich the kitchen looks like we've been burgled! Butter still out with the lid off, bread not put back in the bread bin, ham left out curling at the edges and most of the kitchen cupboard doors & drawers left open. Now you know why I'm so territorial and don't let him in my kitchen very often!


4. Tip tappity tap - I am very "noise sensitive" so Eamonn's habit of tapping drives me insane! He taps his fingers on the car steering wheel throughout a journey, drums them on the side of the sofa when we're watching tv & taps the cutlery on the table when we're waiting to order in a restaurant. If there's something to tap he'll tap it - noisily! I've carried out extensive research amongst my friends on this one and it seems my husband is not the only man with this extremely irritating habit? Do you recognise the symptoms ?


5. Ignoring me! - Eamonn is a true "news hound" and because of that reads a lot of newspapers. He likes to do this sitting at the kitchen table and sometimes while we're eating. I don't begrudge him quiet time reading but if I try to talk to him about anything he just doesn't respond,  which I think is extremely rude. When challenged (which is often) he claims he's heard every word and that he DID answer me. I have to explain to him that grunting doesn't count as conversation.


6. Mutton & Jeff - I'm sure my husband is going a little bit deaf. He has the volume on the television up SO loud that the astronauts at the Space Station can probably hear it! If I've gone to bed before him I can feel the surround sound pumping up from the sitting room underneath  me as he enjoys yet another one of those Jean Claude Van Damme romps!


7. Green green grass of home - He's OBSESSED with the lawn! He inspects it daily, walking around with his hands behind his back and usually a frown on his face because it never meets with his approval. It's too wet, too dry, too thick, too sparse, too weedy and now we've got a dog, too many yellow patches! What annoys him more than all that though is that I don't give a damn!! 

Leave a comment and let me know what your other half does to really get your goat!


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  • Proof that women love to talk. and Moan! Eamonn has one comment on one of his and Ruth has all this lot.
  • All of the disagreeing on everything I I now say the wrong to get the right.Clicking the remote car key...hundreds of times.eating so fast sparks come out of the cutlery...on???
  • Ditto!! Men! I think we should live separately as no matter how many times I complain nothing changes - even worse now since he took early retirement!! HELP!!! I am seriously thinking of changing my job to joining BA as cabin crew and hopefully be away from home more!!
    Jess-Irene Graham
  • My old man also has all these annoying habits - and he is not even a member of the Holmes family! Another annoying habit, he will clean the bedrooms from top to bottom but for some reason does not think the sheets need changing!
  • OMG Ruth they are all so true, hubbies the same and so was my dad who insidently is Irish, I think the tapping thing is very Irish.
    The Worst thing hubbie does is puts his beer cans on top of the bin... Can't seem to actualy lift the lid and put them in...there is always 2 or 3 balancing on the lid, what's that all about.???
    Julie passingham
  • Can you believe it this is my partner to a tee! They must of been separated at birth ! Only thing is mine farts at least every 15 mins all day & night :-(
  • Simply love it! My boyfriend is exactly the same! Especially the ignoring me part! Then he gets snappy when I repeat his name over and over until I actually have his full attention...I can be just as annoying and usually win! My other bugbear is empty, or not quite empty coffee cups he leaves around the house. I'm constantly doing daily sweeps of the house to collect all the mugs!!
    Fiona Johnson
  • your talking about my husband!!
    debbie mcgraw
  • sounds like Eamonn fits the male stereotype perfectly! Untidy? Check! Remote-hogger? Check! Lawn obsession? Check! You wouldn't be without all these little vices though, would you?!
  • OMG! I've married his TWIN!!!!!
    Margaret Deary
  • Don't worry Ruth ur not the only one suffering he's not my husband but I live with my dad and u may as well written it about him he is spot on the same I don't know how we put up with it he also is obsessed with clean the car daily and can't stand still while on the phone argh!!!!!! X
  • Hi Ruth my husband is the same with his lawn it has to be perfect, on the lateness one mine is the opposite he is always early (his dad is the same) and while he is waiting for me he sits there tapping his fingers, and as for the remote he will let me have it only because he cannot figure out the sky and we have had it for about 5 years he does not do technology. But you will agree with all their faults we still love them.
    kind regards
  • He asks me how to do something normally if he's cooking. Then he argues that he shoukd do it another way. I'm the one who went to catering college. He does the same with other stuff too. I wonder why he asks me in the first place.
    Dorothy Williamson
  • Nagging he nags for Britain . it's like living with my mum :(
  • Oh how i know how hubby can hubby is defo going mutton & Jeff and has been for years, i have made the problem known to the family to be laughted at, saying he has selective hearing...he went to france with his mother, When he came back after two weeks his mother said " Oh my god! get him to have his ears looked at" i can only laugh!
  • If you put a bit of tomatoe purie in dogs dinner every day it stops grass from going yellow
    Elizabeth Jane McCormack
  • I know a lot of woman think try would like this but is more annoying than you think my husband is always putting things away and tidying (inhis fashion) he is always straightening the kitchen chairs but doesn't move them to sweep always refolding the bathroom towels but doesn't cleaning bath the list goes on
    Catherine spence
  • Is he my husband's long lost twin brother? I can identify with everything you've said. My main bugbear is the TV remote. I don't think I've seen an ad for about 10 years as he switches to another channel while they're on. What's the point of watching 2 minutes of a programme?! If we didn't have remotes and he had to physically get up every time he wanted to switch over he'd be as fit as an Olympic athlete!
  • I bet you wouldn't want him any other way!
  • Don't you just love that delicious sense of humour though? I agree with you 100% (and hate ALL the things you've mentioned above in anybody else), but I think I'd be prepared to put up with it for the opportunity to enjoy that razor-sharp wit.
    You're now going to tell me he's not like that at home - or that I'd soon get sick of it - aren't you? You're probably right. Maybe he is best in small doses!
    Jane Reynolds
  • Can't believe you have only shared a car to TM once!! That's shocking!!! Well i share the grass situation,& i don't care either!! Also he starts to whistle when the doorbell goes and he's on his way to answer it.....WHY??? He ALWAYS laves the t-bags in the sink when he empties his flask. He will never eat food even one day over the sell by date even safe stuff like bread , cake, potatoes etc (not to his knowledge anyway hahaha!!!!) and the worst thing is he will NEVER try new food (he doesn't even eatpasta,rice,spicy, chinese,indian mexican,mushrooms etc etc!!)but refuses to even TRY what i like to eat...what a waste! Grrrrrrrrr He IS clean & tidy though so i can't moan toooooo much!!!
    Rebecca de smet
  • I think it goes with the territory Ruth!

    My hubby is Safety consultant for the railways. It's such a boring profession! Talk about mixed up plots from movies, I have trouble sustaining interest in conversations about yet another hard day at the show n tell, audit control centre.

    Channel flicking, yes I hate that too! It drives me crazy!

    Ants are a problem, here in Hong Kong where we live. Leave something out and there's a trail of ants within minutes. After 31 years, I've just given up. If he wants ant bread, let him have it! I now keep mine separately, in the freezer!

    I would like flowers on occasion but that's a small thing. One thing he does is to buy my chocolate in bulk. How unromantic! I keep suggesting he just buys it occasionally, so I don't end up as ten tonne Tessie! I now have a love hate relationship with chocolate and he is completely confused, to buy or not to buy!
    Sandy Gray
  • Hiya Ruth
    I'm assuming I'm allowed in this "pink" kinda blog area !! but i have got a feminine side to me & I can feel your frustrations as my Girlfriend has the very annoying trait of your No 5 item Grrr it does grate when you hear those words " I did nod ". I've just got home after a trip to hosy & was "trying" to make conversation which ended with me saying " sod it i cant be arsed "!!:( .I'm now sitting here on this & she's cutting the grass !! ;). ( Result ).. ttfn Grandad Paul xxxx
    Paul Darby (Grandad)
  • Ruth u & I are leading the same life with the same problem! My Husband does pretty much all of the above, but what annoys Me most is biting his finger nails whilst driving & spits them on the car floor! The other is using my tooth brush!!! Which whilst brushing feels the need 2 walk around the house & my tooth brush ends up in kitchen sink! He's so lazy he sits down 2 have a wee, my 3 children all boys didn't realise they could wee standing up!well at least the loo seat is never left up & there's no splash marks I surpose!
    Helen Stapleton
  • I cannot believe you have only shared a car once to TM!!? AMAZING!!!! very funny!!!
    I share the lawn inspection thing but that's one of the least annoying thing!It's the whistling when he gets up to answer the door....WHY??....Tea bags from his flask ALWAYS left in sink.....Will NEVER eat out of date food even if it's just bread, fruit, cake etc, even by one day (to his knowledge anyway, haha!!!) also NEVER trying new food (doesn't eat pasta, rice, spicy, chinese, indian, mexican as it is!!!)but won't try anything that i like eating grrrrr now that's annoying as it's the Harvesters ALL the bloody time!!..........he IS clean and tidy though,so i can't moan tooooo much!!!
    Rebecca de smet
  • he also does the tapping thing, he refuses to eat salads veg onions mushrooms ant herbs or spices so its near impossible to think of dinners for him and moans about every meal we go out for unless its a burger shop. grrrrrrr
  • omg this almost mirrors my husband especially the lawn! One thing my husband does is if we are halfway through a conversation and football is on he stops suddenly listening and looks at the telly!!! Grr
    Alison Hardes
  • I sympathise :-) I have a 'Remote Man' too - he'll put something on, wait just long enough for everyone to get into it, then he'll suddenly channel hop again. So annoying :-)
  • My husband puts on a phone voice, with someone new he has a really annoying false laugh. Burps really really loud, yes you can burp, but not at a level that makes the world shake. Says we'll never get parked, didn't matter where we are going or at what time. He looks out of the window. By lifting the blind every time he gets up in the night, don't know what hecthinks he'll see. If the neighbours car didn't move for a couple of days he starts making assumptions as to whether they've gone away and how long for. Could go on but I'm getting bored now :)
  • My husband leaves his shoes just inside the back door (all ready to trip you up), instead of the understairs cupboard approx 10 steps away. AAAAAAAH !!!
    Jac Nethaway
  • Thats bad but beat this. Using cotton buds to clean ears and leaving buds in bathroom. Leaving coat hangers hanging in bathroom after putting clean shirt on after shower. Oh, and leaving used tissues on bedside table. Ewww.
    viv young
  • Oh Ruth.... you don't know how lucky you are! Only 7 things.
    Firstly after watching the pair of you on the box i would of thought you would have a list a long as your arm. And secondly for everything 1 thing a man does that annoys a woman, she will do 3 to annoy a man.
    Ps Tongue firmly pressed against cheek!!
    Colin Sayers
  • Funny amusing read ruth, my list is so short,Nail bitting,Channel hopping tv,And moaning if the kids leave any mess.P.s and watches to much football.Lol
  • Ruth I agree with all of the above my own pet hate.... why do men just have to jingle the coins un their pockets ??? gggrrrrrrrr !!!!
    Sandy Haylor
  • I had to laugh at number 2. I think it is ALL men who are territorial with the remote. If my Hubby has been out of the room, home from work late or got back from the golf course, he will walk in the room pick up the remote or even just hold his hand out for the remote and not say anything. The thing that is even more annoying is when he turns over to football or golf or a film that he wants to watch whilst I am mid way through something of eh!!!

    He did buy me a sky remote for valentines day one year, which I thought was sweet and we had finally become equals with the remote, but he couldn't cope and then took the batteries out!!
    Lou Faulkner
  • Itches his feet it's disgusting, he is also late for everythIng, he sits on the edge if the bed every morning to put his socks on and shakes the bed till
    I'm awake so annoying I could go on :-)
    Michelle newall
  • OMG I think you have just described my husband. The only thing I can add to that is we work with his mum and dad (true family business) and when he gets home to arrange work he then has to call his dad three or four times to confirm stuff when he is going to see him next day.

    And he goes around talking to the dog as if he is talking to another human.

    Oh I'm thinking of more and more I best stop now. I didn't think the list could get any longer!!!!
    Rebecca Green
  • Great read Ruth.. so funny!
    When I was with my partner,one of my main grievances with him was that when he was asked to mow the lawn he would stop the mowing after 5 mins and complain 'how hot he was' and could he have a cup of tea or a cold drink'! I used to say, for goodness sake I might as well do it myself! Haha
    I could put countless irritations down but I think I wouldn't have the space on your wonderful website! xx
    Jenny Longworth
  • Yeh.. so whats new Ruth? Mine is exactly the same. I want to know what goes wrong.. We give birth, we show them how to grow up, we guide them each and every step of the way and yet... Who on earth teaches them those very bad habits..?
    I wonder how many bad habits I have to his thinking?

    Still one always has a choice.. put up or leave

    I think my messer is better than most so I will put up xx
  • I'm sure he loves you too!
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