Clothes, Hair and Make Up


It ‘s very flattering when people contact me asking about my clothes, hair and make-up but I can’t claim all the credit – I do get a lot of help!


My hair is cut and coloured by Leo Bancroft at his salon in Weybridge, Surrey. He’s a very talented, young and innovative stylist – and he’s cute! See


The clothes I wear on This Morning come from lots of different places. We have a lovely stylist on the show David O’Brien who buys clothes for me - he knows my sizes and what suits me. However, it’s a great excuse to go shopping when you have to buy clothes for work, so David and I make regular trips to Oxford Street in London for a bit of a “try-on” – it’s hell, but someone’s got to do it! Most of my TV clothes are from the High Street – I love Karen Millen and Whistles for interesting tops, Reiss and Oasis for a bit of “on trend” and Jaeger for good tailored skirts and trousers. My favourite high end designer is Donna Karan as she designs for curvy women and I have a weakness for Prada shoes!

You can’t please all of the people all of the time (especially my Mum!) so I have to please myself. I wear what I like, what I think suits me and what’s comfortable.

It’s quite hard to dress for television, as there’s a lot you can’t wear – stripes are not easy, white can make you looked washed out under the lights, satin shows every lump and bump and small checks can make people’s eyes go funny!! Also, I have to wear a lot of equipment that needs tucking away – a wide elasticated belt with pockets containing a transmitter for my earpiece and another for my microphone. I often have to buy skirts and trousers a size bigger than I need so I can fit it all in!

Make –Up

Where would I be without make-up? Working in radio probably! Praise be to whoever invented it and believe me the older I get the more I need!

I’m very lucky to have not one but two fantastic make-up artists who work with me on This Morning, Lyn Evans and Sandy MacFarlane I’m sure they wouldn’t thank me if I told you how many years they’ve been making people up for television but let’s just say their client lists are long and celebrity filled. They are goddesses to me and they can perform miracles!




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  • you look beautiful to-day in your royal blue dress and shoes to match. xx
  • Ruth,
    I have looked everywhere but cannot find the designer/make of the pink dress you wore to the TRIC awards March 2013 and the lilac dress that you were wearing on the front of Woman magazine last week. I love both dresses. Please could you tell me where they are from? Thank you so much.
  • Hi where was the lace blue dress from 31 oct 2012 please?
    Lindsey kenworthy
  • hi ruth today you was wearing a beautiful lace dress 11/10 could ypu please tell me where you got it from you looked stunning .
  • Ruth, you always look fabulous. I would love to know where to buy your beautiful pearl bracelet I see you wearing on This Morning.
  • Ruth you looked absolutely amazing in the black and white leopard print dress you were on this morning where did you get it . Many thanks
    eleanor mccann
  • Where did Ruth get her black/grey leopard print sleeveless dress from that she is wearing today. Lovely. How do I get one?

    julie cripps
  • love ruth bracelet,would love to know where it from (friendship)
    Tracy Hanna
  • could you tell me what ruths hairdresser leo bancroft uses on her hair,it used to be a redish shade,now its a lovely shade of blonde,is it done with tint or bleach,i myself would like to go lighter from my present colour which is like the shade ruth had before she had it cut short xx.
  • I love Ruth's watch with the clear strap. Please can you tell me the make and wear to purchase it?

    She also wears a lovely bracelet with a hanging charm.

    With thanks xx
  • have tried eveywhere to get that butterfly top !! no luck !! please let us all know where ir came from - please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can you tell me the make of watch you were wearing on Sunday Brunch 22.07.12
    Loved it!
    Claire Davidson
  • hi ruth loved the blue dress you wore tues 17th july and also the amethyst one today 19th july could you tell me where you got them from many thanks
  • I absolutely adore the watch your wearing today, 17/7/2012
    Please enlighten me
    Thanks x
  • I wonder if Ruth could tell me how she gets her lovely white teeth?
  • Hi Ruth i loved the butterfly top you wore on Loose Women on 25 6 2012 could you please tell me where you bought it many thanks
  • Hi
    I love todays dress Ruth is wearing 29.06.2012 where can I get one like that
  • Hi! Please could I ask the make of your stunning clear strap watch you were wearing on Loose Women Thursday 28th July, also were I could purchase one? Just what I am looking for - thank you.
  • Lovely butterfly blouse Ruth wore today 25/06/12 on Loose Women - where did she get it please??
    Anne Ross
  • Hi Ruth. Really loved the gorgeous blouse with the butterflies on it that you wore on Loose Women today the 25th Jun/12. Would love to know where you bought it from, my daughter would look great in it. Leone
  • Dear Ruth
  • hi would like to know where you got your dress from you was wearing on fri 15th june 2012. Thanks julie
  • Ruth I loved what you were wearing on Friday 15/6/12. Black nod white dress. Where did you buy it??
    Catherine Loasby
  • hi where did you get your dress you wore on 6/6/12 thanks x
    gillian harbison
  • love your dress today 6june going to weddind need to cover arms.please can you tell me where it came from???
    Linda Harwood
  • Ruth, I LOVE what you are wearing today 6/6/12 on This Morning, very slimming. You look great! Would love to know where your dress is from x
  • Love your Blouse you wore on todays programme - Friday 1st June - Cream with Black Trim - Very Stylish would love to get one where did it come from please ?
    Sally Hackett
  • Hi Ruth I really liked the watch you wore on This Morning on Friday 1st June it appeared to be silver with a black face and maybe a diamond looking
    Beveled edge can you let me know what make the watch is. Many thanks Keeley
    Keeley Clegg
  • Hi Ruth, I love the black watch you wear....saw it a few times earlier on in the year and think you are wearing it on 'This Morning' Friday 1st June. Can you tell me where you got it please?! Thank you very much.
  • Hi Ruth
    Could you please tell me what product you use on your hair today Friday 1st June
  • Ruth I would love to know where you brought yr lovely bracelet you wear it looks like beads or. Balls with a charm hanging from it many thanks Paula
  • Hi Ruth Could you please tell me where I can buy the dress you wore on Friday 5th may 2012. It was gorgeous. Please reply. Kind regards. Kay
    Kay Lutkin
  • Hi Ruth
    Just loved your dress today Friday 4th of April, Have got my 50th Birthday coming up soon and would love to get this dress You looked great today,,,,
    Clair Harper
  • Hi Ruth, your blue lace dress you are wearing today (4th May 2012) is absolutely beautiful. Could you let me know where you bought this from because i would love to wear the same sought of thing for my 50th birthday party in a few weeks time. I usually wear all black but thought maybe i could do with a change or have you got any other ideas for me because im not very good with going out ideas (i just wear black all the time) thanks xx
    Janet Batters
  • Loved your dress today . Where can I buy it . Thanks Sue
  • Hello Ruth,
    I'm desperate to find out where you bought the dress from which you wore last Thursday (5th April) on This Morning. I tried to call but all lines were busy and since then the this morning team haven't been open. I need to buy it if possible for an occasion this coming Saturday. Many thanks.
    kim briggs
  • Please do not be persuaded to change your hair colour to a darker shade again, you colour now is fantastic and really suits you.
    Margaret nile
  • Hi Ruth
    Where is your dress from today Thursday it would be perfect for a wedding I am going to in June
  • Hi Ruth loved your dress today, where did you buy it?
    Julia Sephton
  • Please could u tell me why I can buy the lovely bracelet you wear every day on this morning it looks like a ball bracelet with a charm hanging off two extended chains x
  • Hi, where is Ruths gorgeous bracelet from?
  • Hi, would you please let me know where Ruth's animal print blouse was from that she wore on This Morning quitea while ago and has a tie neck. I have searched the shops you mention in your blog (including sale) but cannot find it. many thanks. Yvette
  • Ruth absolutely loved the dress you had on last Thursday. Black with large grey flower print on front. Can you tell me the make and where it is from please/ Thanks. VIv
  • where was ruths dress from on 16th feb
    ros maudlin
  • can you please tell me were you bought the black long sleeve dress with the silver motif across the front you wore this on thursday 16/2/12 thanks
  • I am watching This Morning today 15/02/2012 and I really love your bracelet Ruth you are wearing on your left wrist today! Can you tell me who is the maker of your bracelet and where I can buy one please . The bracelet I'm referring to is thebeaded one with 2 hanging tails with some sort of charm hanging from the end of the tails
    Marie Shepherd
  • Please can you tell me where the bracelet if from that Ruth is wearing today in this morning? X
  • Hi, please can you let me know where you got the leopard top your wore on loose women when filling in for andrea, thanks
  • Please can you tell me where you got the lepoard blouse from that you wore on loose women when you stepped in for Andrea??? I love it, thanks
  • My mum is desperate for a necklace like the one you were wearing Friday 13th jan whilst interviewing David hassles off...please tell me who it's by? It's a special birthday coming up and I'd like to surprise her ...thanks Gemma
    Gemma brining
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