Are you a fan of Valentine's Day?


February 14th is looming and everywhere you look you’re hit in the face with big padded cards covered in kissing teddy bears, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and novelty socks that play “I Just Called to Say I Love You”.

If you don’t buy into all this then somehow you’re considered to be sadly lacking in the romance stakes. It’s all a load of old tosh. Why do you need to wait until Valentine’s Day to do something romantic for your partner? And if you’re single all this slushy stuff just reminds you that you don’t have a significant other and probably makes you feels miserable. 

I’m always getting asked what 'special' Valentine’s things Eamonn has done for me, and fortunately I’m able to tell them that my lovely husband is VERY romantic – but if he wasn’t it doesn’t half put the pressure on! I think we should all try and be a bit more romantic all of the time. Don’t wait until February 14th to tell that special someone you love them – do it today. It’ll save you a fortune on roses!!

You can read more about how romantic Eamonn is in this week’s Woman’s Own magazine – interesting headline on the cover!!


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  • I like it. Its our wedding anniversary
    John Millwood
  • I agree but i have a very good reason.

    I cant tell you how much i love you as well xxx
  • I couldn't agree with you more. 14th February is another day in our home. Although I do make cut out hearts with our children to decorate the table and then used for crafts the following day.
  • I totally agree, why wait for 14th Feb to be romantic. Isnt it better to have a surprise every now and again?
    My husband and I dont bother but then we ve been together for 24 years and I cant be bothered no more lol
    Hope Eamonn likes his card!
    Cathrinr Brennan
  • I think its a load of money making rubbish. My partner and I try to be romantic as possible every single day except valentines day. Just to prove a point.
  • As I am single, I will be making a fuss of my children on Valentine's day. Lots of heart shaped goodies in their lunch boxes :)
  • I have to agree, i just think Valentine's day is just a bit tacky but then maybe cause i'm not with anyone. x
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