Say hello to Maggie!


So it seems that after his visit to the Dog's Trust recently, Eamonn's arm was most firmly twisted as he and Ruth have relented and adopted a puppy!

Auntie @SkyCharlotte is coming to visit tomorrow - it's like having a baby (less painful obviously!!) 


Can't thank @dogstrust in Harefield enough - wonderful place & wonderful people who work there. SO many gorgeous dogs who need love! 


She looks like a little black fox! Adorable. So far she's settling in well at Holmes Towers but ask me again in the morning!!


Hi Everyone ... Say Hello to our newly adopted Dog's Trust Orphan Maggie - we couldn't walk away


Anyway she's called Maggie (short for Magdalene ooh er missus!!) She's about 5 months old and they think she's a collie/daschund cross


And from Eamonn via Twitter:

A Big Day for the Holmes household today ....we r adopting a Rescue Dog - pictures to follow mid afternoon. OMG r we doing the right thing ?

@_mags As for the breed Margaret , I'm pretty sure the wee thing is half fox, half rat .oh and it's as black as soot - adorable personality.

 In truth the doggie chose us.She's called Maggie -5months old. The preparations being made to receive her at home outstrip the Royal Wedding 


She just looks like Basil Brush doesn't she ? .... And the dog is cute too !

Maggie is 5 months old - no-one knows what mix she is but she was rescued in Ireland and brought to @dogstrust Harefield near London.


 Aunty Charlotte aka @skycharlotte has always been a big advocate of them getting a pooch. She said:   


The little black one @dogstrust showed us at the end! RT @SkyJacquie @SkyCharlotte omg @eamonnholmes now has a dog? Which one did he go for?


RT @JamesMarsh1974 @SkyCharlotte Surely it would be Pet-ternity leave...

What a good idea - bet he'd love to! @EamonnHolmes RT @Spang213 @SkyCharlotte will Eamonn be taking mutternity leave??

Hope she sleeps thru the night! RT @RuthieeL Auntie @SkyCharlotte is coming to visit tom - it's like having a baby (less painful obviously!)


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  • Ruth what a lovely dog ,and a very lucky one I hope you have meny happy years together xx
  • Lovely little dog. Great news that had her from a dogs home. If you need any help or advice with dog training then please give us a shout.
    Stu Phillips
  • Ah,,,,,, she is lovely Ruth,,,,,,,,, she has been very lucky to have gone to a lovely home and bet she will be spoilt, hope u have lots of fun with her,,,,,,, but dont neglet poor old Eamon,,,,,,,,, haa........x
  • Hope you have many happy years with your new dog she looks lovely
    Gilly Groom
  • This dear little doggie, Maggie - bless her - will bring you, Eamonn and young Jack so much pleasure - too much to even appreciate and yet she will not ask for anything in return other than 'walkies,' regular food and fresh water. These doggies bring so much love into our lives and yet ask for nothing more than a loving, caring home, warm bed and plenty of cuddles. Wishing you, Eamonn, Jack and of course Maggie all the very best of health, happiness and a long and happy life together - DON'T forget dogs never wake up with a bad thought or indeed in a bad temper - that has to be something to beat!! love from Jean

    ps: we have a Yellow Labrador puppy, named Astra - not after the car!! but after the STARS - who has brought us and all our family nothing but happiness.

    I love the Friday 'This Morning,' - good luck to you and all your family in the future. Jean and Astra
    Jean Davey
  • She is gorgeous & I bet she will be thoroughly spoilt. Eamonn will enjoy taking her for long walks.
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