Clothes, Hair and Make Up


It ‘s very flattering when people contact me asking about my clothes, hair and make-up but I can’t claim all the credit – I do get a lot of help!


My hair is cut and coloured by Leo Bancroft at his salon in Weybridge, Surrey. He’s a very talented, young and innovative stylist – and he’s cute! See


The clothes I wear on This Morning come from lots of different places. We have a lovely stylist on the show David O’Brien who buys clothes for me - he knows my sizes and what suits me. However, it’s a great excuse to go shopping when you have to buy clothes for work, so David and I make regular trips to Oxford Street in London for a bit of a “try-on” – it’s hell, but someone’s got to do it! Most of my TV clothes are from the High Street – I love Karen Millen and Whistles for interesting tops, Reiss and Oasis for a bit of “on trend” and Jaeger for good tailored skirts and trousers. My favourite high end designer is Donna Karan as she designs for curvy women and I have a weakness for Prada shoes!

You can’t please all of the people all of the time (especially my Mum!) so I have to please myself. I wear what I like, what I think suits me and what’s comfortable.

It’s quite hard to dress for television, as there’s a lot you can’t wear – stripes are not easy, white can make you looked washed out under the lights, satin shows every lump and bump and small checks can make people’s eyes go funny!! Also, I have to wear a lot of equipment that needs tucking away – a wide elasticated belt with pockets containing a transmitter for my earpiece and another for my microphone. I often have to buy skirts and trousers a size bigger than I need so I can fit it all in!

Make –Up

Where would I be without make-up? Working in radio probably! Praise be to whoever invented it and believe me the older I get the more I need!

I’m very lucky to have not one but two fantastic make-up artists who work with me on This Morning, Lyn Evans and Sandy MacFarlane I’m sure they wouldn’t thank me if I told you how many years they’ve been making people up for television but let’s just say their client lists are long and celebrity filled. They are goddesses to me and they can perform miracles!




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  • hi just watching this morning 22dec2011 and ruth you look fab as always.where did you get the dress you are wearing just love it.xx
  • Hi I loved the beige dress Ruth was wearing today 18.11.11 - where did it come from?
  • For information on Ruth's blue dress or any other outfit showed on last weeks This Morning visit the ITV website and select style and beauty - thismorning/ styleandbeauty/ruth- presenter-style- 261011/
  • where was the blue dress worn on saturday 29.10.11 from thanks
  • Where is the blue dress from that Ruth is wearing today (26/10) it's very nice !!!!!
    Donna banks
  • i loved Ruth in the the long black and floral dress she wore when interviewing Cliff Richard, and would love to know where it's from, so i can buy one. Many Thanks
    gina pistolas
  • Ruth looked gorgeous in a little black dress on This Morning on Friday 7 October 2011. Where can I buy one?
    Elisabeth Craig
  • hi i love ruths bracelet she has been wearing the past week what make and where can i get one please .
    sarah law
  • Please could you tell me what make your silver ball bracelet is and also where your watch is from (randy Crawford commented on it) both items are gorgeous! Thank you x
  • Hi I loved the bracelet that Ruth was wearing today 31/08/2011 could you tell me what make it is and where I can buy it.
    Many thanks
    Barbara Thompson
  • Hi, I love the silver ball bracelet Ruth is wearing on This Morning 30.8.11 - could you please tell me where to buy it & what its called?
  • Hi I made a comment about the watch Ruth is currently wearing on this morning, white face. Could someone get back to me with make and where to purchase.
    Thanks Again
    arlene mayo
  • Hi my mum loves your watch and has me tortured to ask where you got it?

    Many thanks
  • HI Could you please let me know what hair products that you use ,i just love the sheen on yours ,kind regards Barb
  • I love watches ! Can you tell me the make of watch you are wearing today 16.08.11.
    arlene mayo
  • Ruth please could you tell me how and what product they use to make your hair so shiny and glossy as i have the same colours in my hair as you , thankyou
    Angela Slater
  • I love ruths watch with the clear strap that Randy Crawford complimented her on. Where is it from please?
  • Hi Ruth, love the silver and red bracelet you've been wearing on This Morning. Please could you tell me where you purchased it from? Many thanks, Jo
    Jo Thomas
  • what were the 3/4 trousers you were wearing today and where are they from. 28/07/11


    they looked like black capri pants
  • what perfume do u love and what make up do u use
    charlotte logan
  • Ruth I really like the watch you wore with the clear plastic wrist band and white round face. (27th July 2011) Would love to know where you got it from?
    Jade Nunn
  • Hi
    I really love the clear watch Ruth is wearing just now!
    Can you tell me wear it's from?

    Kind Regards
    Karen Lees
  • Ruth, can you tell me what products you use on your hair to make it so shiny.
  • Ruth where did your orange dress come from which you were wearing on tv this morning (1st July 2011)
    sandra lucking
  • I was just wondering where you got the dress from with the square neck that you wore for the royal wedding?
    Kim Russell
  • your teeth are so white they are stunning, I have spent a fortune on different treatments and at home kits that haven't worked... would you be kind enough to tell me where you had your teeth whitened? thank you so much ...xx
    Sarah Crawford
  • Hi
    I really love the colour of ruth's hair at the moment, is there anyway you could tell me the colour so i can get mine done???The colour is perfect>
    Kind Regards
    Pam Richardson
  • Your nails always look beautiful. Could you plese tell me how you have them done.
    emma mitchell
  • Show Details FROM:DAVID PINCHIN TO: Wednesday, 20 April 2011, 10:50Hi,
    I truly hope you get this e-mail and respond, I love Ruth's hair style and colour. Could you Please please tell me what colour your hair is, also your style is amazing.
    I find it hard to get a reliable mobile stylist as i am disabled. I am hoping i can find one in the local paper but i need your colour please. P.s Ruth you look really pretty,
    as always.Please Please reply
    Kind Regards Linda
    Linda Pinchin
  • Is Sandy the same lady who was at school with me in Harpenden in 1962 at St Dominics convent?
    Jenni Camplin
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