Confessions: Ruth's in favour of Usher's good form


This week, I went to see Usher at London’s O2 with five girlfriends. We had a great night out – minibus to get us there and we all brought along something fizzy to ease the journey! Whoever invented plastic champagne glasses I’d like to shake their hand! I was designated official bottle opener for some reason (a lot of practice maybe?!!) which has to be handled very delicately when in the back of a minibus – hitting the driver in the back of the head with a flying cork is not to be recommended on the M25!

We had dinner at Gaucho’s before the concert (the nicest steak I’ve had in a long time) so we were well fed and watered and ready to dance and sing along with Mr Usher. That’s where I hit a problem – not with dancing, I can still throw some shapes – but I couldn’t sing along because I didn’t know half the songs! There’s nothing that makes you feel your 50 years of age more than being surrounded by gorgeous, young girls who know every 'ooh' and 'ahh' of every song. But hey, when it came to “DJ’s got us falling in love again” I was up there giving it large!

The Usher man is very generous – to keep those of us who couldn’t join in entertained he took his shirt of quite a lot to show us his very impressive six pack and pecs. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my gosh!!!!!


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  • Ruth I do not see you using your glasses have you had laser treatment or are you using contact lenses?
    Anne Buchanan
  • How did you find out you had torn a tendon in your shoulder? I heard you say you had frozen shoulder,Ihave been told i have f.shoulder and am in agony.Any tips for de-frosting please?. Many Thanks
    andrea romagnoli
  • The 35 year-old husband of the couple I clean for on Wednesdays was packing his overnight bag. I asked him if he was going somewhere nice, and he replied that he was off up to London for the Usher concert at the O2.
    I'd sort-of vaguely heard the name, but that was it. I couldn't tell you the title of one of his songs to save my life. I've just hit 52, so know EXACTLY where you're coming from!
    Jane Reynolds
  • Morning Ruth, I have been wondering what a six pack is? It used to be 6 cans of lager in a pack but now I am non too sure. Enlighten me oh wise one! You all seemed to have a great time at O2. On Friday' s programmme i heard that you had a bad arm/shoulder. What have you done to it?
  • Ruth, Im your age.. & I absolutely love USHER... I could'nt get tickets to any of his concerts... so Im glad u went on behalf of all us ''oldies''.. Much love xxx
    lita cullum
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