My first blog!


Welcome to my website everyone! I really hope you like it. It’s the fruits of a good few months of labour by me and the web team and I hope to be able to update it as often as possible. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, it’s going to be the chance to say more than the meagre 140 characters allow! We’ve also created some videos and I’d be interested to see what you think so why don’t you have a watch now? This is my first attempt at blogging so please bear with me!

Because Eamonn and I work on the telly, people often think our lifestyle must be quite showbiz and glamorous - but let me tell you, 99% of the time it’s anything but! In fact, I’m writing this after a morning spent trawling around DIY stores looking for wallpaper and paint for my Mum!

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when we can get a bit showbiz. Take last week for example...I got to get all dolled up in my favourite DKNY dress and do the Red Carpet thing at the National Television Awards. We got to catch up with lots of our “showbiz” mates and, to top it all, This Morning won the best Daytime Entertainment Show so we got to go up on stage and help collect the award with all the This Morning team. As you can imagine it was a very exciting night for us all and a few glasses of fizzy stuff were consumed to celebrate! I was slightly regretting that the next morning when it was back to reality though! Up early for the school run and then a trip round the M25 to go and stand on the side of a freezing pitch to cheer on Jack and his team mates at a school hockey match!


I’m sure that you’ll all be able to relate to some of the weird and wonderful conundrums that life throws up. Take the other week for instance – I had to find some tights for Jack to wear in his school play (Henry VIII if you’re wondering!) and then try to convince my football-loving 9-year-old that it wasn’t embarrassing to wear girl’s under garments! We also had to deal with the passing of not one but TWO of his beloved Goldfish recently. Admittedly one of them had been on his last fins for a while but I have no idea what happened to his mate! Well, Jack was distraught but even more horrified when I suggested that we could flush them down the loo and they’d be back in the sea with their friend Nemo! We actually gave them a full burial in the garden with prayers, a hymn and more tears. The words “They’re only fish” were ever present in my mind but miraculously I managed not to actually SAY them!

So, that’s life as a presenter – much the same as most people’s really but with a bit of appearing on the telly thrown in. I wouldn’t change it for the world though. I know how lucky I am to have a lovely balance of being Mum and working, and I try to never take it for granted.


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  • Dear Ruth,
    I have spent this summer at home recovering from double knee surgery so I have been forced to watch daytime tv. I am delighted to say that each day I watch you just to see what fabulous dress you will be wearing. You wear the most beautiful clothes that clearly suit your figure. You should start a dress line called 'Ruth'.
    Margaret Hands
  • Ruth,I'm watching you on Loose women today,and your hair is a lovely colour mix. Are they foils and what colours are they? I'd like my hairdresser to recreate! Love from Claire in Scotland.
    claire davidson
  • Dear Ruth,
    I think you're one of the loveliest ladies I've seen on TV in less than 30 years. I somehow agree with Eamonn that you most likely put spray polish on your underarms & hair (read one episode of "This Morning" from around two years ago). If only we'd had "Smellyvision" I'd have smelt the polish you put on your hair etc. I also think you run the vacuum cleaner up your legs and those lovely dresses you wear on screen every time I watch you & Eamonn (or Phillip) on "This Morning" on ITV1.
    Any road, a very Merry Christmas & Happy New year to you and Eamonn, and may god bless you always.
    Robert Haynes
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  • HI RUTH Love your show. Can you please tell which watch you are wearing at the moment on This morning - its beautiful.
    Love your look at the moment, whichever colour hair you have.

  • would like to know where did you get the white blouse you wore on thursday 28/07/2011
    Gita Soni
  • would like to know where you got the loverly blouse you wore
    on thursday 28/7/2011
    mrs sally page
  • Ruth you looked the most glamorous I have ever seen you on This Morning - June 10th. Your hair is gorgeous and please do not go back to being dark brown again!!!!
  • Nice blog Ruth, modest, caring, giving, thoughtful and considerate is my impression of you. The ingredients add up to only one thing- a lovely lady!
    Lee Gouldthorpe
  • You look wonderful with your blonde hair - takes ages of you so please do not go back to being dark brown again. xxxxx
  • You look so much younger Ruth as you go more blonde! The dark brown was too much for you - it has taken years off you and you were great this morning. xxxxxxxx
  • I love your hair now Ruth - it looks so much prettier on you being more blonde than dark brown. It takes years off you and sure Eamonn likes it. xxxx
  • Never worry about negative remarks - they are all sent from envious, jealous people, who are envious of what you have achieved through hard work - you keep looking after Jack and of course that Irish Bloke! Jean - a true Yorkshire Woman
    Jean Davey
  • Hi Ruth love peeping at your twitter & website but am absolutely disgusted at the nasty tweets your were sent today - loved your reply !Eamonn & you are great mind you I am biased I am from Holywood N Ireland living in Bolton married to man city fan oops ! xxx
  • Where do you buy your necklaces?, the silver one with the big heart is gorgeous. I have also noticed your watches what make are they?
  • What a wonderful first blog, SAD to hear about Jack's poor fishes!
    I watched 'This Morning' purely because of YOU and Eamonn and now am addicted to the program but you & Eamonn are the BEST!! :)

    Much Love x x
    Kerry McCaw
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